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Cleaning Tips

Clear all breakables and electronics from your furniture that you want to be moved. Most cleaners will not move theses items for liability reasons. If your cleaners prices do not include vacuuming, be sure to vacuum the carpet. This is a very important step in the process and will result in much better results. Lock up your pets and keep small children out of the area being cleaned. By taking care of these things in advance, you will make your cleaning services job easier so that they can concentrate on your carpet.

However, carpet fibers can still trap and hide dust, dirt, bacteria and other pollutants. Over time, that can lead to matting and a general deterioration of your carpet.

Regular carpet cleaning has a number of benefits that we sometimes forget:

Light daily sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming will prevent dirt and grit from being ground into the floor. If the floor is diligently swept daily, a light weekly cleaning with a damp mop may be enough to remove dirt.

For more resistant soils and weekly cleanings, wet mopping will be required. Frequency of mopping will depend on the color of the floor and the nature and amount of soiling. Regular swabbing of entryways using a commercial-grade cleaner will help extend the life of the floor.

When choosing a floor detergent, look for products that are low foaming, general detergents that may be used in automatic scrubbers. A good detergent will also have neutral pH to remove dirt and protect polish and be highly concentrated to allow for low dilution ratio.


Apply cleanser with a sponge mop. After the soil deposits have been loosened from the floor, mop up excess detergent and water. Rinse with clean, warm water to remove all residues, since any detergent film remaining will cause stickiness and will trap tracked-in dirt.

Do not flood the floor because excess water may harm floor seals and adhesives. Keep off the floor until dry.

Scuffs and Marks

Periodic buffing with a slow speed buffer will remove most scuff marks and light scratches. Buffing also will add luster while dislodging dirt and blending touch-up spots with the original finish.

Difficult scuff marks not removed by mopping or buffing can be removed using a nylon scouring pad. Use a solution of neutral floor cleaning detergent, rub gently and rinse well.

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